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Trail Riding Through Nature

October 24, 2018
By jacksonA21 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
jacksonA21 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Imagine horseback riding through a mountain, admiring and absorbing scenery. Trail riding. Exclusive places offer this experience, including two specific locations: Jackson’s experience in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Danielle’s on Elephant Mountain in Arizona.

Jackson’s Experience

In the Rocky Mountains, my friends and I began on a trail at the bottom of the towering mountain our church camp was located in. I was scared at first, when we were given our horses, as I’ve never seen a horse so close in the flesh.

Domino was the horse I got assigned, and we clicked off the bat. I hopped on the saddle, and trotted up the 40℉ mountain side. Our guide instructed us on where to look and when.

The first sight–a narrow river that streamed alongside the base of the mountain. The clear stream flowed into a larger area, a lake that looked like a swimming pool, but I’m sure appeared greater from ground level. Halfway up the mountain, I saw more. It felt like I was able to see Colorado in its entirety, all from the back of a horse.

The buildings looked as if they were models built for a science fair, with the cars like Hot Wheels. We didn’t go as far as the summit, but where we stopped, we were surrounded by silhouettes of bordering mountains. I felt almost as if it was a painting, and I was in the center of it.

Danielle’s experience

My journey trail riding took place through Elephant Mountain in Arizona.

I arrived at 7:30 am, 30 minutes prior to the ride. I signed paperwork and greeted my horse, Indie. As we headed out, a brisk breeze hit my face; it’s refreshing like a drink of ice cold water.

The trail was dusty with footprints embedded into its surface. It made me wonder, Who has been here? What animals have passed through this exact spot?

The tour guide lead us through rushing, refreshing, rapid water; from the knee down, we were soaked. As the sun blasted, we continued on the winding trail through the mountain. The amount of cacti was like the stars on a summer night–infinite. The tour guide provided facts and stories about the mountain like a grandfather would to his grandchildren.

Three hours passed and we head back to the ranch. A rattlesnake crossed our path, stopping us instantaneously. We tried to remain calm, along with our horses, as we patiently waited for the snake to cross. It startled me as I saw this reptile I had only seen in books.

We proceeded back to the ranch and after three and a half hours in the saddle, we dismounted. On the drive home, I embraced the sights I saw and the new experiences I had.

By imagining our horseback riding through a mountain, you were able to experience trail riding secondhand. Hopefully now you’ll get out on the trails to experience the fun, appreciation and enjoyment of nature for yourself.

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