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The Disappointment of a Century

March 20, 2009
By Hannahbananarama BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
Hannahbananarama BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
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Whenever I turn on the TV on a cool, fall Saturday. I turn to the Detroit Lions to give me a little joy in my week. They did not supply me with joy throughout their 2008 season. They gave me tears. Every Sunday throughout the fall, I turned beat red with anger as the Lions lost game after game. I was upset with everyone that would tell me to give up hope in the Lions, but I always kept faith. Faith that my Detroit Lions would someday win a Super Bowl, and that Detroit would not be football’s laughing stock forever. I didn’t find out what it was like to be so upset until February 2009. I was on my school basketball team, proud to be representing my school. I watched as my team snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory….again. This was not the last time I would see that. I saw it five more times. That was our fifth game of our ten game season. We were as good as the Lions, 0-10. Although I had the most fun on that team than any other that I have ever been on, I was disappointed in myself and all of my teammates. I knew that we could play better. For the first time, I realized that the fans are just as angry as the players, and you won’t enjoy hearing about your latest loss, or your terrible season. I learned something from the past several months. Winning isn’t everything, whether you are a pro or a kid just chasing a dream. Try your best, and just have fun.

The author's comments:
This is a very true story. This just proves that you learns something new every day.

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