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Snowboard Challenge

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

“Merry Christmas, Chad.”

“Thanks, Mom. I can't wait to see what you purchased me.

“I know that you'll love it.”

“Remember Christmas is about giving.”

“I know Dad.”

“Mommy, Daddy I want to open the gifts first.”

“Fine. You can open the gifts first.”


“Lucy you have to wait until after breakfast though.”

Chad sat down at the table. As he sat, the the table wobbled. Chad reached for the tasty monkey bread. It tasted so good that he wanted more.

“Present time! Present time!” screamed Lucy.

“We should eat longer. This taste so good,” replied Chad.

“NO!!! Present time!!!!” shouted Lucy.


Chad walked to the tree as slow as a turtle because he was so full.

Lucy received boots, Barbies, candy, Care Bear, and lots more. Brad received snowboard pants, snowboard coat, snowboard boots, goggles, and a helmet. He also received an Iphone, video games, and a computer. Brad was very happy with his gifts. He wondered why he received snowboard gear when he didn't have a snowboard. He also didn't know how to snowboard.

“Chad, time to come work off those calories from breakfast. Come help us shovel.”

“Okay. I'm coming.”

As he shoveled the snow, the shovel hit something. He shoveled to find a brand new blue and silver Burton snowboard.

“We tricked you! Merry Christmas!”

“Wow this is great. Thank you.”

As he walked to the garage to put the board away, he stepped on the snow and it went, crunch, crunch, crunch.

Chad put on all his new gear, including his white snow pants and coat. Then he tied his white boots on. Then he put on his helmet and goggles. Then he went over to pick up his board. As he did that he looked in the mirror and repeated to himself, “Dang, I look good.”

“Hey, Chad wanna go try out your new board?”

“Heck, Yeah!!!!!”

They finally arrived at Bittersweet. Chad loved it instantly with the beautiful snowy mountains.

Chad went to a lesson and learned how to make it down the hill. That took all day.

“Dad, can I come back tomorrow?”

“Sure.” Tomorrow came and Chad arrived at Bittersweet.

“K, bye Dad see you at seven.”

“Bye, have fun.”

Chad went for the terrain park. There he saw kids doing all sorts of cool tricks on snowboards. Chad watched to see what they did so he could practice it. He heard them calling the tricks indys, boardslides, 50-50s, stalefishes, and lots more. He hopped on the chair lift to go to the top of the hill. When he arrived there he saw all kinds of jumps and rails. He decided to try to do a 50-50 on a box. He landed it perfectly. Now he tried all the other tricks and could land them too. He then decided to enter the daily competition.

When he saw the whole list of names he thought about backing out. He then saw it would be filmed so there was a chance a company would see it so then they could have you ride for them. He decided to still sign up for the competition.

The competition started at 1:00 P.M and it was 12:30 P.M. Chad went into the lodge and ate some lunch.

He left for the terrain at 12:50 P.M. He was third in line out of nine guys. The first dude did a very difficult grind but he leaned forward too much and landed on the rail. The next guy's name was Darren. The trick he did was a disaster. When he landed it, the announcer announced, “Darren, didn't die doing that daring disaster.” Chad was up. He went up to the C rail and did a backside boardslide into a 360 stalefish and landed it. He was so happy. The next six guys did some pretty cool tricks. It was going to be a close result.

Chad was pretty nervous. He was also very excited. Chad was thinking how cool it would be if he won. It was only his second day snowboarding. When the announcer yelled, “Chad Procebatt you have just won!” Brad was extremely pleased with his victory.

He couldn't wait until he arrived home so he could tell his parents. It was only 2:00 P.M so he practiced the rest of the day. When he arrived at his house he told his family everything. They were very proud of Chad.

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