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November 9, 2016
By Janissa530 BRONZE, Sacramneto, California
Janissa530 BRONZE, Sacramneto, California
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It's not the size of the person in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the person.

What do you think is the number 1 injury in boxing? Most people think it’s an injury that has to do with your head or your body. Most people also think boxing is a more of a physical sport more than a mental sport, which would be because all of the training everybody see’s the boxer do.

In boxing you haft to be able to be mentally more prepared than physically, and here’s why. It’s one thing to be able to take a punch to the stomach but your mind has to be ready to tell your body you can take the hit plus release a hit and bounce back from it, you could do all the physical work and still not be prepared to get hit anywhere and have to deal with that hit. Your mind has to be able to tell you one thing so that way you react the opposite way you would if you had no experience.
Most people think boxing is the most dangerous sport out there,  because it does promote violence or because you're putting two people in the ring till either one gets knocked out or till somebody is brutally beaten and the towel is thrown in or it simply just gets to the last round and the decision is made. Most people don't see the good in the sport or the justice that the sport does for some people, it helps a lot of people with their anger issues, emotional issue or even problems that they're having and don't know how to handle it. Boxing does a lot for all kinds of people for some it’s a stress relief for many other it’s the only thing keeping them out of the streets or prison and for a huge amount of people it’s their hobby their passion that keeps them going everyday.

Yes there comes a lot of injuries with the sport, but that doesn’t make it the most dangerous sport, what makes this one of the most dangerous sports is the opponent's taking it overboard with their profession. They get a little too serious when it comes down to everything in the ring, most boxers take it overboard when they get in the ring because they want to settle everything in the ring and leave it in the ring unless they took that lose.

With boxing there comes many reasons not to box and many reasons to box. Many people love the sport many people think it’s one of the worst sports, it just comes down to what you  think the sport does for the community, society, generation or the world.
The number 1 most common injury with boxing has to do with your head and core muscles, from getting attacked in those to area’s. You take more hits to your head and your body more than you take hits to your shoulders or any other part of the human body. You would think anything along the line that has to do with your head because of how many punches are thrown at the face but it also depends on the opponent's reaction and how fast they move from the punches being thrown. 

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This comes from all that i know about boxing and some of my journey through boxing.

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