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Final Round:Masters

March 3, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Jake Rollins had a 2-shot lead going into the last round of the Masters. As he stepped up onto the 1st tee, he looked and saw the sun was a warm yellow, the leaves were as green as ever, and the grass was still wet from the morning dew. (Snap Shot). Jake was playing with 2 more PGA tour rookies. The first guy hit it in the rough, the second in the left fairway. When it was his turn, he realized how nervous he really was. 'So this is what it's like to leading the Masters in the last round' he thought (Thought Shot). He teed up his ball, took a couple of practice swings, and ripped one right down the middle. He ended up bogeying the hole but then played the next 5 holes -2 par. He was now tied for the lead at -8 par. The 7th was a 172 yard par 3. He hit an 8 iron to 5 feet. He made the birdie putt to take the take the lead once again at -9. Jake bogeyed 8 and 10, parred 9 and 11 and was now trailing by 2 at -7. On the 522 yard par 5 12th, he was laying 2 on the right side of the green in the bunker. Jake took out his sand wedge, hit it perfectly so it ran down the slope into the cup. Eagle. The crowd erupted into a huge sound wave of cheers and whoops. ' Man this game is easy,' he thought(Thought Shot). In a good mood, he played the next 6 holes -4 and took a 1 shot lead at -13. He was on the 17th tee looking down the 2 rows of trees on either side of the fairway, , at the gold pine needles under the trees, and at their rich, dark brown trunks. (Snapshot)

'Wow,' Jake said, 'this is probably the most beautiful course I have ever played on in my life'.
His caddie replied, 'Hopefully we will turn this course into the one where you get your first PGA tour win'.

He parred the 17th but his competitor birdied , so he was tied for the lead going into the 18th. They both put drives right down the middle. Jake's opponent put his 2nd shot 15 feet to the hole. Jake with a similar shot, 156 yards, hits it just inside the other ball resting on the green. Both putts had a hard break to the right. His opponent was lining up the putt and eventually stood over his ball. He hit the putt and the ball was heading straight toward the hole. But a couple of inches before the hole the ball hit something and jerked away from the hole. The crowd was dead silent not knowing what happened.

'We just dodged a huge bullet,' Jake said.

'So you've got to capitalize,' replied his caddie.
And with that, Jake lined up his putt. His heart was pounding as he was looking down at the bermuda, his ball resting on top. He took another glance down his line, hit the putt, the ball headed for the outside edge of the hole. It went around the hole once, sat on the edge for a second and dropped in. The crowd went berserk. Jake didn't know what to think except , 'This is the best day of my life!' (Thought shot). And then he saw the Wannamaker Trophy sitting on the table, with it's silver sides gleaming in the afternoon sun. He could see all of the previous winner's names inscribed on it, and the polished brown ring of dark brown wood at the bottom. He held the trophy up in the air with a huge grin on his face. He kissed it a few times and held it up to the crowd listening to the their wild cheers. That was the first PGA tour win for Jake Rollins, but hopefully the first of many.

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