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Lineman Touchdown

September 23, 2008
By Anonymous

About two or three years ago,
I was playing football
on a fairly cold day
we were behind
about a touchdown.

we were playing the second
best team in our league and we thought we had lost

our heads were low
and we were sad.
we were on one of the last plays
and I was ready to do something big.
I lined up in my position,


I was searching for the ball
when there it was
in front of my face
my team had the guy and
were taking him out

I charged,
ripping and tearing
at the ball.
It finally gave way.

The ball was in my hands.
I started to run.
I had about 40-yards to cover:


I was amazed;
my team ran and tackled me.

I had won the game for my team
Even though I was a lineman!

I ran to the sidelines where
somebody had called my mom
she was so excited.

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