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To My Soccer Coach

October 18, 2007
By Anonymous

Dear Luis

Luis you have you have been my soccer coach ever since I moved here from Holyoke about three years now. In those three year you have taught me a great deal of things and have been there for me when I needed help on anything. In a way I am saying that you have been a great mentor to me.

You have helped me developed skills that needed a lot of help on and also helped me to improve the other that need a little touch on. If some one was struggling with a drill you would take them out but not because they were bad at it but to help them individually until they got it. Sometimes you would stay after practice for a bit to help me on some thing I couldn’t do for that day. You would also have me do things over the weekend so I could get the drill for the next practice. Thanks to you I am a better all around player. Now I can play any position on the field and be good at it. Weather its being a forward, a midfielder, or a defender. After you helped me develop my skills you started giving me a lot of playing opportunities. You started playing me more and more until I was a starter when I was just in eight grade. Since then I have been a permanent starter on the team.

You have also keep faith in me when I wasn’t that well in form in practices or in games. There were games that I made mistakes that cost us a goal or close to costing us a goal. You all ways told me to keep my chin up and to go get the ball back if I lost it or two go and score a goal. At the same time you were also showing how to step and be a leader on the field. To show the younger guys if they lost the ball to go get right back. I also had make sure that everyone was getting the ball not just a few people. But I also had responsibility tell you if someone was playing bad either because they were having a bad day or weren’t trying. I hope that all you have taught me these years well help me succeed in life. Weather I fulfill my dream as a professional soccer player in the MLS or in any league in the world. For the rest of my dream is to be also good enough to go play in Europe where all the great players play and eventually to play in a World Cup.

So thank you for helping me improve my skills. For given me opportunities for playing time and sticking with me during my bad times and for helping me be a better leader.

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