An Invented Game For The 90's MAG

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   A game to end and begin the new decade is called Basket-Baseball. This game is played with two players on the basketball court. The steps to play the game are as follows: 1. Make boundaries to decide on triples, doubles, and homeruns (no singles). 2. In order to play, one player will shoot (offense) and the other player will rebound (defense). 3. The offensive player will take a shot from one of the ranges. (For example, if he/she takes a shot from triple range and makes it, he/she will have a man on third base; but if he/she misses the shot the defensive player must rebound the ball and shoot from the point at which he has control over the ball. If he/she gets the shot in, it is counted as an out; but if he/she misses, the offensive player gets a single. If the offensive player shoots an air ball, the defensive player gets a free shot.) 4. It is similiar to a typical baseball game with three outs in an inning and each game has nine innings.

Note: In order to challenge yourself, do not make the ranges too close to the basket.

Note: Since it is difficult to keep score in your head, write the inning and the score on a piece of paper.

Note: If playing on a driveway, make imaginary boundaries.n

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