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Water-Skiing MAG

By Anonymous

   I was petrified. My legs were as limp as last night's vegetables. I'd nevertried to water ski before and today was my "lucky" day. My faded,orange, oversized life jacket was up to my ears in the icy, navy blue water. Iwas leaning back while my dad was trying to put on my long wooden skis whichunfortunately were over-powering my legs. Something was breaking my back as Ileaned back to get started. Mr. O'Neal (our driver) tossed me a rope that smelledlike stale salt water.

I gripped the hand grips like I knew what I wasdoing. Unfor-tunately, Mr. O'Neal thought I did and the boat accelerated while mydad was still holding on to my waist. My bathing suit practically flew. My skisfell off and stupidly, I hung on to the rope. The speedboat was still flyingalong while I was "bellyskiing." Someone yelled "LET GO,"then it dawned on me that maybe I should. I freed the rope from my grasp andwould have drowned if I wasn't wearing my life jacket. "Dinnertime," mymom thundered. We had to go in. My dad asked me if I wanted to do it againtomorrow; I think I fainted.

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