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The Game MAG

By Anonymous

   It was the bottom of the ninth

And a cold and windy day.

It was surprisingly cold and windy

Because it was the middle of May.

But we couldn't think of the weather now

For the championship game was at stake

And if we wanted to do some good

We couldn't make a mistake.

But when Peter grounded out to third

And Brian did the same,

It was all up to me

To try to save the game.

The count was full and I was scared

But then I thought We're only down by one!

That's when I decided I'd go for it all

I was thinking just one thing... HOME RUN.

And then the final pitch came over the plate

And I clobbered the ball to the sky up above

But bad luck came on my part

And the wind carried the ball into the

Centerfielder's glove

I was very disappointed that we lost the game

And I felt that I was all to blame

But then the coach stood next to me

And then he said to me, "Good game."

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