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Magic Johnson And Aids MAG

By Anonymous

   When Ervin "Magic" Johnson announced his retirement from basketball a year ago due to the fact that he was HIV positive, I was stunned. It (AIDS) didn't happen to people like him. Magic was part of basketball, and the establishment. What would happen now?

I think that all people should look at AIDS in a new light. When they see Magic, they should see Magic Johnson, a hero of basketball, not Magic Johnson, the one with AIDS. However, it shouldn't only be Magic who is seen in that light. All people who have AIDS should be seen as the people they are, not the disease they have. Yes, he made some mistakes, but some with AIDS didn't. However, no matter how one gets AIDS, they should not be looked upon any differently.

Now the question still lingers: "Should Magic be allowed to return to basketball?" I feel the answer should be a resounding "Yes." If proper precautions are taken, there should be no problem. Nothing out of the ordinary is required. Secondly, only Magic knows his limits. As long as he doesn't push himself too hard, everything should be all right. Yes, it might shorten his life by a few months, but it might actually help him to live longer. However, a few months here and there is not what really matters, it's what you do with the time that you have left. As long as you make the most out of what you have, nothing else matters. n

Editor's Note: Michael wrote this before Magic's Nov. 2nd announcement to retire again from the Lakers.

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