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The Game

May 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Snuggled tightly right in the bag alone with my other fellow ball friends, I was

waiting to be picked up. Then SLAPPED right in the back.

Bump, Bump, arms reaching, legs stepping, the girls were ready to run.“Oh

right, here I got one,” was the sound of every person’s voice that comes and picks me up

to work on bumping with. Here I go, another million and one games to play.

“Mine!” SLAP! Ouch, not the 1st time I have gone through pain.

“MINE !” Bump, SLAP! Going up and down, up and down in the air, and this

is not even a game yet. Girls, a gift from god, but at the some time I have to be

thinking that I have to go day by day living with this kind of pain!

Oh no up, up, up, up, up. Please don’t drop me, or run into the other balls

in the air. I already did once today and it was bad, But luckily my padding on my side

saved me though a lot of pain. A player, skinny and happy, grabbed me, then served

me over. Good, I thought she is doing good serving, but at the same time not running me

into the net, like others.

The blow of the whistle, says it’s time to serve. Everyone then looked at all the

balls laying on the side, for a quick second, then if they didn’t have one CHARGE! I was

attacked! Thinking, why me? Why do I have to be a volley ball? I want a

new job! The court, just polished, let me slide everywhere not knowing where to go.

Right then the whistle blew saying all balls in the bag. I was happy because my job

was over and I could just relax. But no, I was the one picked to play with, ME!

This side serves, 1st yells the ref on the side. Oh here I go, up, up, up, like a bird

in the sky. All around me I hear the girls trying to yell for the ball that just

happens to be…. Me. Only wishing at every game that we were made with better eye

vision, the horrible odor in the air smelled like rotten eggs or something? Pow on the

floor! The pain, the pain, another one to add to my collection. As the girl healed me

in her hands, hopped in her mind that she would make me over and score for her


Pow, Pow, Pow, SLAM! Yes, that was me again hitting the floor. I thought when

I was made and printed to say I’m a volleyball that the point of me was trying to

keep me staying up in the air, not dropping on the floor all the time. The team of

girls that were using me to play their game, were not the best I have seen. They might

need some more help. Tweet the sound of the whistle blew. Yes, I am done for now. A

new ball to take my place please. That is what I thought would happen and what I wanted

to happen. Woo hold on there what do you people think you’re doing, putting me in

another game what is up with that? I’m done, remember a new person. Nope one more

game! Darn it. I guess I will try to live with it.

Tweet the break is over, time to play. Bump (ouch) Set (ahh my favorite so light

and not hard) now these girls I like. SPIKE, OOOOOUCHHHH!! Good thing we don’t

have a mouth because I would have an earful with that girl! SMACK over hand serves

get me every time. Over, over, up, up, “Hello girls just stand there and let me drop on the

ground will you!”

Tweet, Tweet, yes they are done! I’m in for the day and hopefully a while too.

Good game girls just don’t hit it too hard. I like it soft and soft hits even though it

won’t happen. But in the end you girls played a good game!

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