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Ban Snowboarders MAG

By Anonymous

   Have you ever been skiing down a slope and gotten stuck behind a snowboarder? If you have, then you know how horrible it can be. There is no way to get around them and they stop without notice.

Ski resorts should ban snowboarders from ski trails. They can set aside a few trails for snowboarders. That way the majority, who are skiing, don't have to worry about them.

Skiers don't like snowboarders because they only get in the way. They turn differently so you can never tell which way they're going to go. Their boards also wreck the trails for skiers. Since they stop so much, they are always scraping the snow away. Whenever they ski the moguls, they totally wreck them.

Snowboarders should be banned from all ski trails. This would make skiers very happy. It would make skiing a lot more

enjoyable. l

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