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The Road to Glory

January 9, 2008
By Anonymous

The Road to Glory
For eighty six years, the short end of the score
Until Theo and Terry rebuilt in ’04,
Cursed by the bambino forever losers in lore,
They looked to raise up and contend forever more.

Curt Schilling was signed on Thanksgiving Day,
And gave hope to the Sox as they entered the fray.
One through nine was unstoppable, with a strong starting five,

The 2004 Red Sox never looked so alive.
After 182 games of success, Boston was heading to compete with the best.
First up were the Angels, who were known for base stealing,
But couldn’t compete as the halos took a beating.

Round two contained the greatest of them all,
With their twenty six rings, the hated Yankees stood tall,
But this Red Sox team was not destined to fall.
The first three games were ugly, all in New York’s favor
The entirety of Beantown, needing a savior
The big bats in the lineup needed to step up,
And they did as Boston amazingly tied it all up.
Game seven was to be played in the famous “Big Apple”
But that meant nothing to the hitters, the sox won the battle.

The World Series was a breeze, with Keith Foulke’s historic save.
And this generation of fans put Sox caps on their father’s graves.

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