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On The Rock MAG

By Anonymous

   Framing my mind. Only the rock.

"On belay, climb away!"

I'm there now. Stone surrounding. Mind set.

"Nice jam!"

Hands placed and moved in rhythm. Body in motion.

"Use it! Use it!"

My muscles, begging for rest. Arms and legs burning.

"Take it easy, relax!"

My movements, sleek and controlled.

"Boy, you're looking good today. Nice technique!"

Dust my hands.

"That's it, dry 'em up!"

Look for a grab, but none exists.

"All right, watch your positioning. Know where you are!"

A slip. Earth creeping toward me.

"I got you! I got you!"

The rope pulls taut, catches ...

"Whooh! What a fall!"

Framing my mind. Only the rock.

"You're almost there."

The summit ... inches ahead.

"Beautiful! Beautiful!"

Hearing nothing. Alone on the rock.

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