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It's All Up To You MAG

By Anonymous

   After 90 minutes

of grueling, gut-wrenching soccer,

the score stands at one to one.

We head to O.T.

Overtime has ended,

sudden death has fallen,

now it's time for PKs

You lose the toss,

they go first,

they score.

Now it is all up to you,

striding toward the ball,

it seems like miles.

Pacing back and forth,

to and fro, left and right.

Tensions are high, hearts pounding,

shortness of breath, mind wondering.

The net appears to be ten times smaller,

the goalie ten times larger.

Finally the Ref blows the whistle,

it's your turn.

Place the ball,

you back away,

picking a spot on the net.

Thinking what if it goes in,

what if it doesn't?

All is ready,

it is your turn,

now or never.

Starting toward the ball,

reaching it, you strike it perfectly,

heading where you wanted it to,

landing in the back of the net.

You win,

but hey it's only a game.

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