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My 1000th Point MAG

By Anonymous

   February 4, 1998 was by far the best, most exciting night of my life. Throughout that week the most frequently asked question was, "Sally, how many do you have left!?" The answer - I had 24 points remaining before I would score my 1000th point of my high school career.

The pressure reached its peak on that fateful Wednesday evening when my name was called for the starting line up. Dozens of anxious fans, including family, friends, classmates and basketball junkies, filled the gym. It was amazing to see all these people there to witness me, a five-foot, four-inch junior point guard, score my 1000th career point. I was extremely anxious that day, and it did not help that we were playing Rockland, a highly competitive, physical team, seeking revenge for our defeating them.

Finally, the game began and with every shot I nailed, the fans, my teammates, (and I) would subtract from those 24 points. At last, after what seemed an eternity, I only needed only two points - and I had three minutes left. Then, with two minutes left, I banged a three pointer!

Immediately, the stands literally exploded as my teammates and I leapt for joy. I had never been so happy. This was this feeling I will never forget. It was an incredible sensation knowing that my years of hard work and training had finally paid off.

As I looked around, I saw indescribable memories in the making. I saw my father, proud and more elated than I had ever seen him. He even equated this experience with his wedding. Next, I saw my mother shedding tears of joy. Then I saw friends and rivals alike with tears in their eyes, realizing this accomplishment. Finally, I saw my adorable grandfather with his darling little red cardigan, cheeks saturated from his tears.

When the game was over (crushing Rockland by 30 points), my parents invited everyone to our house for an impromptu party. I was overwhelmed with gifts and congratulations. Surpris-ingly it was not the presents that made this so special, it was the unforgettable faces and loving support. That was the emotion that filled the gymnasium.

Getting my 1000th point as a junior in high school is my greatest accomplishment. It is one that no other person in the history of Notre Dame Academy has achieved. It was truly one of the most proud, exhilarating moments of my life. l

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