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Professional Treatment MAG

By Anonymous

   Behind those millions of dollars of

shoe ads,

large contracts,

and inflated egos

is a common person.

Common law

and regulation

and ideals should be followed.

Just because they make so much,

in playing a children's game,

they still need to follow the same standards,

that are set for the rest of society.

Don't let the

gun-hiding Barry Switzers,

wife-beating Wil Corderos,

coach-strangling Latrell Spreewells,

drug-overdosing Dwight Goodens,

and cameraman-kicking Dennis Rodmans

into the spotlight.

A slap on the wrist just doesn't work.

Does that teach them anything?

Don't let their egos off the hook.

Let them learn their lesson,

the hard way.

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