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   Hit or Miss by Lauren Lidowsky, New Hyde Park, NYAt halftime, the score was 1-1. As the team cooled off and got drinks, our coach reminded us that this game was going to be the last one at camp. If we won, we would end the summer knowing we were the best girls' soccer team in the Berkshires. It all depended on the next 40 minutes.I was determined not to allow another tie against Camp Danbee. As we got into position, I saw the determination and passion to win this game in my teammates' eyes. But after 40 minutes, the score remained 1-1. We had to go into overtime.The entire camp was cheering. Signs and banners were flying. It was the first time the entire camp had come to observe a girls' sport. Overtime would include two ten-minute periods, if necessary, since we were playing sudden death. At the end of the first half, with a few close calls, high shots and even a penalty kick, the score still remained 1-1. We had ten more minutes to win.In the middle of the second overtime, we got a corner kick. I hoped it would be like the first corner - our only goal. The ball was kicked perfectly, right in front of the goal. I jumped up to head it in. I focused on scoring the goal and ending the game. It wasn't about getting a trophy, it was about establishing ourselves as the best. I felt the ball hit the front of my head.Unfortunately, I also felt another girl's head from the opposing team. I don't exactly remember what happened after that. I woke up a few minutes later as I was carried off the field. My vision was blurred. Even though it was 90E, I suddenly felt cold. I was taken to the nearby hospital; it turned out I had a concussion. I was kept overnight and the fact that my parents weren't there with me was horrible. My concussion was very mild, and even though I couldn't participate in any physical activities for two weeks, I went back to camp the next afternoon.The other girl, Sara, was also taken to the hospital. She, too, had a mild concussion and was able to go back to her camp. I saw her in the hospital, and we talked about the game and the accident.The game was canceled after the accident. For the second year in a row, we had tied with Camp Danbee. When I returned to camp, our director sat the team down to have a talk. He told me, as well as the 12 other disappointed girls, that there was nothing we could do since we had all played our best. He said in the 37 years he had been director of the camp, he had never seen a game played with so much heart, desire and enthusiasm. l

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