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Life in Its Greatest Form MAG

By Anonymous

   My eyes areon the sail as I position myself in the center of the boat. I guide the tillerwith my right hand while my left grasps the mainsheet, the line that controls thesail and allows for a one-on-one tug of war between me and thewind.

Moments later the canvas is hit with a fair gust of wind thatpropels me toward the other side of the lake. Flying across the surface, I feelthe water rushing under my boat. It pushes past the centerboard, making asoothing hum. The sky is clear and beautiful, the spray cool andrefreshing.

Feeling secure with the position of my little boat, I turn toscan the breezes coming across the lake. My attention is instantly caught by amassive dark spot in the water which seems to be rapidly approaching. It could bequite a blow for my little craft, and I have only seconds to prepare. I sit onthe edge of the boat and place my legs so I can easily shift my weight when thepuff arrives. I watch the advancing gale and my hands grip the mainsheet andtiller even tighter.

The great gust strikes the sail and tosses my boat sohard I have to hike my body over the side to keep from capsizing. I becomeoverwhelmed by fear. Am I strong enough to hold the boat up against the wind? Canmy weight balance its force? How will I get to shore if the boat overturns? ThenI realize none of this matters. I am experiencing life in its greatest form -pure exhilaration and ecstasy.

The wind begins to calm and the sweetcolors of dusk pour over the lake. I turn the tiller toward the remaining breezeand lie back on the bottom of the boat to admire the changing sky. The water ispeaceful now, and I listen to the waves clapping against the sides of my littlecraft. I drift slowly toward land enjoying the serenity of sunset, the coolnessof the lake and a deep sense of renewal.

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