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the old jumps

March 23, 2021
By bmx_tanner_ BRONZE, Winchester, California
bmx_tanner_ BRONZE, Winchester, California
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The other day, me and Dustin were riding on our way to the bike jumps. We were so excited because today we were going to hit the big we neared we heard the wailing of an ambulance. At first we thought nothing of it, until we got close enough to see what really happened. You see, at first we thought it was just some old guy who has just had a heart attack. But when we got to the bike jumps we saw some kid laying on the floor. Paramedics were surrounding him and he looks to be around 11 or 12. We pulled over to talk to Ryder to ask what happened. Hee told us that the kid landed on the front of a landing and broke his neck. The next day the dad of the kid sued the owner of the jumps and now there building houses there it sucked to see them go and i hope there legacy lives on there forever 

The author's comments:

these jumps where very important to me and i was sad to see them go

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