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Skater's Life

April 16, 2008
By jorge aragon, Mesa, AZ

The love of the sport
And the board beneath my feet
Kept my head held high
And my life intact

Though I got hurt
I never backed down
It was so fun
Without it I couldn't do


I kept riding and riding
As fast as i could go
I popped down on the back thing
And slid up with my toe

I kicked out and did the flip
I did it fast and caught it on bolts
Placed it perfectly on the lip
I landed right and away i did roll


Another time i did a trick
I kicked and bailed
The deck popped up and cut me real slick
and to the hospital i was hailed


I've been in a few altercations
Most skaters are pretty pugnacious
So I've been in a quagmire or two
But i don't care because


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