January 29, 2018
By Anonymous

               People get their heads wrapped in a ball. They try to get out but they can’t, but everyone has their bad days and some have worst. We don't suspect the ones who have  a bad life at home. Bullies are bullies they do that to bring other people down,but sometimes it doesn't work so they have their friends also bully, but isn’t that what people do? People change and sometimes stay the same but there is still “Bullying”. Some of us try to stop it and some of us walk away. People don't put themselves  in the person that is  getting bullied shoe’s and if they did i bet they would not like it but that’s what people do. We usually don't stand up for others like we need to.

               I choose not to get put down by a bully, I don't care what they say about me.They think they can bring me down but all their saying is words. I have been bullied before like pushed been called inappropriate names and teased.I know that sometimes people can’t always be there, but there is always someone close by that decides to ignore it. People are just regular people there is nothing special about someone that is not special about the other person . People think it is cool to bully,but a bully is not a buddy. So many words can be said to someone that is having a hard time not only at home but also at school. Bullis don't care they will smart off the teacher thinking it’s cool and bully someone thinking it’s cool. Why do people bully ? A scientific reason is that they could have “trauma, home lives, relationships and how they feel about themselves” according to ditch the label. Basically they take it out on someone else.

        People don’t understand the half of being bullied there has been suicides because of sexuality, how much money you have, the clothes you wear, and  sometimes the color of your skin. About  1 Million suicides every year worldwide have been committed thats a lot! Sometimes the people that commit suicide is our friends or someone we knew. You might say you miss him/her when you're the one that bullied him/her. Some people are nice enough to stand up for you but the other half will just walk away. We don’t want the people we knew or cared about gone, and people will be blaming the bully or the person that standed up for the kid or teenager because you didn’t stop them. People work in weird ways. In the future we are going to be the ones doing fine in life the bullies will not be doing so good. Do you know who you are, where you fit in?

        If you're a bully you would know you gotta ask yourself am i rude to people or nice. Half of every school’s  there are bullies just waiting they think they are cool but they are not yeah they might have a lot friends but they are all fake they are not the kind a friend that will stay by your side and defend you. Some people use words for their anger  some people type or express it on a laptop like me. Once i get typing i can't stop i write what i feel and i feel like bullying should be on a close watching. The teachers might show us  not to bully but people do it anyway.    No one is perfect and is meant to be perfect  so why even try right, wrong we still need to try and just block out the people that hurt your feelings.  They try to bring us down and they don't. We had a recent bully.

The author's comments:

I was personaly bullied  so I know 

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