The Day It Happened

January 24, 2018
By ShaneN BRONZE, Berkeley, California
ShaneN BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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Late one August afternoon, about three years ago, my family and my friend’s family decided to go for a bike ride on the Berkeley bay frontage road trail. We bought lunch on 4th street. Once we were done eating, we started off on our bikes. Down the road we stopped for a break, me and my friend decided to wave to every car we saw then started off on our bikes. A little down the road I saw a car so I waved.  I knew that was a mistake!  As soon as I lifted my hand off the handlebar I hit a bump in the road. It wasn’t just one bump, it was two little bumps and at the end of the little ones, a really big one that sent me flying about 5 feet from my bike! I blacked out for a few seconds and was disoriented and numb when I woke up. I tried to get up but was greeted with a sudden excruciating pain.The pain came from my right arm I looked down at my right arm to see extra skin on the right side of my arm and very little skin on the left side. I held out my arm straight on the ground my hand was at a 45 degree angle. Screaming in pain I slowly crawled on my back to the side of the road next to my bike about a minute had passed and I heard my mom and sister’s bikes slowly rolling around the corner of the road. About 5 minutes passed as we were trying to figure out what happened and what to do, my friend’s dad had left to go get the truck, my mom had broken many bones before so she tried to stabilize with duck tape and a flashlight my mom thought it would help but it hurt so much more I started screaming louder at one point I asked my mom to call an ambulance she said no we have to wait for the truck but after she failed to stabilize my arm 20 minutes passed and the truck still wasn’t there and I was getting tired my mom said I was going into shock so she called an ambulance. By the time the ambulance was half way my crying slowed but Itee got less and less conscious my head started to hurt as I tried to stay awake. I started to get as cold as I was sleepy. Luckily I had a blanket in my backpack. I had to play word game and stuff like that  while I waited for my ambulance. When the ambulance got there they had to cut off my biking gloves so they could find a vane so the shey could give me pain killer. When they put me in the ambulance I knew everything was okay.

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