distinguishing true friends

October 23, 2017
By abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Distinguishing True Friends

Being  called names, by a close friend whos almost your sister isn’t easy to go through. I grew up with her almost for more than twelve years. But what was worse than being named called was that i has to hear it from someone else other than her.

“Sarah, Kimberly called you a s***. A no good friend. That you’re a worthless piece of crap,” Carlos told me.

“ How am I a no good friend? A worthless piece of crap? I even talked to my family so they could see if they could give her parents a job, a place to live! I introduced her to many people, I was there supporting her when her friends left her all alone, like a dog in the rain begging for comfort,” I replied.

All this begins to built up inside of me. I gave my all for this friendship. A friendship that has gone to waste in less than five seconds for a moment of anger. I should have listened to my parents. They knew Kimberly and her family better than I did. They told me that kimberly was no good. But yet I decided to still be her friend. I saw something in her. Something special, something that made me believe that this friendship could work. But at the end, that something special was just compassion, that I had for her. I didn’t want kimberly feeling alone. I wanted to support her but i don’t know now.

“ What are you going to do Sarah? Are you going to confront my cousin?” Joanna asked. Making me lose my train of thought.

“No, i’m just going to let it go. And maybe one day Kimberly will tell me, personally. And if she doesn’t then I’ll think it was all a lie from your cousin Carlos.”

“But deep down, I didn’t know if it is a lie because I know that she won’t tell me straight to my face how she feels about me. But i also know that Carlos does lie, a lot.

“Joanna talk to kimberly, see if she tells you anything.”

Not that I wanted to know if it was true, but if it was I’ve learn how to distinguish between true and fake friends.

Joanna’s reply made me feel worse, “ Sure no worries. Because if it is true it is her loss. Plus you know I’ll pick over her anytime!”

Joanna is a true friend by always staying by my side. But i don’t want her to chose me over her family to continue to be my friend.
“ Sarah smile, let her go. I know it hurts, but soon you’ll forget about her. But you always have me!”

This happened years ago. But up until today this still affects me.  Sometimes I do see her, and remember what happened. I still remember what my parents told me “ Fake friends won’t last forever, but true friends will. You will start learning how to distinguish between both true and fake friends. Just be careful.” After this happened, I was able to start thinking on my own. Realizing that, even between cousins, you can tell who is the true friend. Who is there supporting you, between the fake friend who only talks bad about you, after you give them a hand. Sometimes the people you consider family, will be your enemies. But those who you consider just friends, can be your true family.

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