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Pleasure of an Ear Bite!

September 22, 2017
By LilBando BRONZE, Sacramento, California
LilBando BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“What you wanna do today?” my brother said
“I don’t even know, it’s whatever”.

One day, my brother & I were walking home from school & our friend wanted us to come to his house to play the game.
“Can you guys come over today?”, my friend said.
“Yeah, we have to go check in with our mom first”, my brother said.
My mom made us do our homework before we did anything, so after we did our homework, we went outside. Unfortunately, my friend was waiting on us to come out on our porch. Once we got to his house, we began to play madden ‘08, & i was beating everybody. My friend decided to call me out of my name once he was getting his ass tapped in madden.
“You A B****!”, my friend said angrily.
At first i didn’t react because I had to think about what he just called me. How I was raised, you not suppose to let anybody call you a b****, no matter who it is.

e dog bit my ear!”, I yelled as I was running home. I was in so much pain that I was scared to go around another stranger dog. When I got in the house my mom was worried because I had so much blood leaking from my ear.
“What happened?”, my mom said.
“The dog bit my ear”, I stated.
“What dog?” Next, I looked towards the door to see if anybody was coming. Nobody came, his dog was sitting in front of the door. After I seen that nobody was coming, I slapped the s*** out of him. He began to grab me & we both fell on the floor wrestling with each other. I guess his dog heard us because it came running towards us. The dog then bit the top piece of my ear off & left my ear leaking with blood.

“Mommmaaaa! Th
“The dog from next door, we were fighting & his dog bit my ear”.
“Be careful around them dam dogs, you already be getting bit up by our dog, doing stupid s***”.
She then cleaned & patched my ear up. After she was done, I went back to his house & continued to play the game.

I have grown from my past situation because now I know not to fight or even play fight around any kind of dog. Ever since that incident happened, I am cautious around any dog that I go around. If I am at a friends house, & they have a dog, I won’t make any physical movements around it, I try my best to be still & stay in one place. I learned from my past what dogs can do, & I refuse to have a repeat of what happened because now the dog may be in harm if it bites me.

The author's comments:

Everything in this story is true.

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