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September 22, 2017
By Jackiehernandezz SILVER, Sacramento, California
Jackiehernandezz SILVER, Sacramento, California
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I had just gotten news that I was going to be traveling on an airplane, I was going crazy just thinking I was going to be thirty-nine thousand feet up in the air. I thought this was going to be one of the best experience I’ve ever had.

“The last time I was on a plane I was freezing cold!” my mother yelled from downstairs. As a overly excited nine year old I took that too literally, I put on layers and layers of clothes. I ended up wearing a tank top, a green polka-dot long sleeve, and two big bulky jackets. Seems pretty warm right?

My mom saw what I was wearing and laughed,”It’s not gonna be that cold.” Of course I ignored her because in my head I thought I was gonna be nice and cozy throughout that cold four hour flight.

We boarded the plane and around twenty minutes into the flight I could feel that my skin was begging me to take off a coat. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I took off the bulkiest jacket I had on and for a good while I felt cooler until a lady sitting right next to me turned her head and whispered,”It’s kind of chilly in here…” She turned off the air conditioner and I was back to being a gross puddle of sweat.

By the end of the flight I was trying to take off my long sleeve but it got caught on a ugly bow on my head my mom forced me to put on my hair. A flight attendant saw me struggling and said,”Do you need help honey?”

I whispered,”Yeah, please my shirt is stuck.” She couldn’t get it off so she called another lady to come and help. It was the most embarrassing thing that happened to me.

I could feel the deep stares of random strangers watching the two flight attendants struggle to get me out of my shirt caught on my bow. They ended up having to cut a small slit on my shirt. I didn’t care at that point, I was happy to be out of all those layers. Moral of the story, don’t over dress, just use a blanket.

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