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Starry Nights

May 5, 2017
By ahammond17 BRONZE, Unviersity Heights, Ohio
ahammond17 BRONZE, Unviersity Heights, Ohio
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The sharp sand stung my bare legs at the fire, replacing the usual mosquito bites. I could still hear the wind howling and felt the sand grains slide off my legs as I climbed into bed that night. A few short hours later, my dad rushed into my room and told me to get up. I was confused and sleepy but got up anyways, it had to of been important right? When I walked into the main room, the lights were off but the back door was open. I soon saw the flashlight on our beach. That meant I was going outside. The wind was still roaring so I grabbed an old, thick towel and headed outside to find my dad, brother, and sister already sitting on the makeshift blanket of towels to protect themselves from the sand spiders. I was confused as to what we were doing until my dad told me to look up.
From that night on, whenever I’m outside late at night, no matter where I am, I always look up in hopes of seeing an illuminated sky full of stars, but no skies have prevailed like the late nights on Pelee.

The author's comments:

My piece was inspired after I was asked to write a flash fiction piece and I immediately thought of my night under the stars. I wanted to capture the scene quickly but eloquently and felt flash fiction was the best way. 

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