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Green Slimey Eww

October 19, 2016
By Jenifer_cornejo SILVER, Sacramento, California
Jenifer_cornejo SILVER, Sacramento, California
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I took a bite out of the black seeded watermelon. It was a warm day  nice day today was the last day of camping, i really wanted to make the best out of it. “The water must be warm by now.” my God Sister  said. We walked to the river as we were walking we spotted a few squirrels running and chasing after each other. We got to the river and we saw our Aunts swimming, we both kicked off our pink sandals and stuck our toes in the icy cold water.

“Get in the water!” my Aunts yelled. “It’s cold !!” i yelled  I saw the kids swimming with their arm floaties, they splashed and kicked their legs while their parents watched. I splashed some water at Michelle. She tackled me in the water and i screamed. We were in the deep part of the river it was hard for me to get air, i had to tippi  toe.


“Yeni” my Aunts yelled and they threw the bottle and i went after it and dived in searching for plastic Fiji  water bottle filled with sand.  As soon as i found the water bottle i reached above the water for air. “Michelle.” i said as i threw the water bottle, she took long searching for it. I patted her head while she was searching. She popped her head out of the water. “I can’t find it,” My Aunts, God Sisters and i dived in the water searching for the water bottle, we all came up for air.  “GET OUT OF THE WATER!!!” my Brother yelled i looked around and I see people standing, their faces in shock, I felt the goosebumps all over my wet skin, i stood there  frozen, confused.  

“Let’s go let’s go!” my God Sister yelled she grabbed my arm and we all ran out of the water, i turned my head back it was a lime light green slimey snake it stuck it’s pink long tongue as it was coming closer and closer. I ran to the sand as we all stood staring at the ugly snake and backing up more. We heard all the chatter about the snake as it came closer, a  dark brown haired German Sheppered  came and it growled, hissed and bit it the snake hissed and hissed. The snake swam away in a deep hole in the water.      

After that, we walked back to camp i was cold and my sandals were all full of sand and it hurt as i walked, i thought to myself what had just happened  and where did the snake go?

The next day we enjoyed the last look at the river. The snake was not spotted and i hope that it’s never to be spotted again. I now feel that i need  to be more careful. To know and understand that anything can happen no matter where you are, how much fun you’re  having and who you’re  with.                                                                                                                                

The author's comments:

The time when a snake ruined my fun .-.

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