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The Grocery Store

September 7, 2009
By Inkblots GOLD, Rochester, New York
Inkblots GOLD, Rochester, New York
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She walked from the frozen foods over to the vitamin aisle with quick, long strides, pursed lips, and squinted eyes, almost as if she had something important to attend to. When she reached the vitamins she began to walk at a much slower pace. With each deliberate step she would look over one shoulder, glancing up and down the shelves, switching which shoulder to look over with each step until a pill bottle on the third shelf from the ground caught her eye. She squinted at the label which read; B Complex with Vitamin C, Stress Formula. She picked up the largest bottle, containing 250 pills, in her right hand and the smaller, containing 60, in the other. She stared back and forth between them with tight lips for about two seconds before setting down the smaller bottle of two and exited to the cash register the same way that she had entered.

The author's comments:
I just observed a women and describe her personality by only describing her actions.

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