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Oh What a Mistake!

September 23, 2016
By _Maariaa_ SILVER, Sacramento, California
_Maariaa_ SILVER, Sacramento, California
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  Ring riiinngg…”hello” I said.


 “Saturday night, party at crystal’s. I’ll pick you up at 6:00 p.m.” Monica cried from the top of her lungs.


“Ha ok slow down there, I am busy saturday night girl “ i said disappointed.

“Not anymore, love ya” she sarcastically said.

sat in my bed, in the middle of a gray empty room. The only thing bold about my room is the big teddy bear relaxing it’s back against my pillow. Anyways, i’m trying to figure out whether I should be responsible and go to my event  or be immature and go to the party? Well if you said i’m going to be responsible, think again.The day came, it was 5:59 p.m. and i was ready to get lit. “Hey, let's go!” yelled Monica with excitement


Throughout the entire drive i’m thinking to myself “I wonder what  type of memories i will be making today”? As soon  as we get there the quinceanera starts giving everyone a cup with a strange beverage. “What is it?” i nervously asked. 


“Just drink it, trust me” said Crystal with a huge smirk on her face. I glanced over to my cousin  and she gave me the “girl just drink it look”. So, i drank it. Everything was going well until it  was time to leave. My cousin was so  drunk she could barely  stand on her own two feet. I was sober although, I am pretty sure I still smelled like alcohol. MInutes later we arrived home.Oh and dont worry a sober adult drove. As soon as we stepped inside my mother sarcastically asked me to blow my breath on her.I hesitated “ why, you don't trust me”?


“Relax mija, i was just playing i know you would never do such thing” she comly said. Boy did i feel bad.I sure learned my lesson. I will never again let peer pressure influence me or drink any beverage i am not aware of its ingredients.   

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