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September 26, 2016
By Jessy.rm SILVER, Sacramento, California
Jessy.rm SILVER, Sacramento, California
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”Dude I have to tell you something..” I blurted out to my what was once called ‘close friend Diana as we walked around the school.


As we walked I told her how i liked this one guy the problem was i didn’t realize she like the same guy as well. I continued telling her my story thinking everything was all okay but that’s until she blurted “okay I get it!”.


From there I just told her okay we just wouldn’t be talking about it no more because I knew she was mad I just didn’t know why at the time. Days passed by everythings was okay, the only thing different was Diana was avoiding me. I would always try and talk to her but she’d just walk the opposite was like if she didn’t see me.

“Hey is something wrong…”where mostly the last words I said to Diana that day.


“Yes i guess.” Diana blurted out and left in just a flash.


The next day I walked into school thinking it’d be a good thing … well i guessed wrong. Rumors were told everywhere about me, but i really didn’t care what they heard from me because I knew my secrets would get out one way or another. Friends started running up to me saying stuff like “what’s happening “ or “ Is this all true”. They kept mentioning what they head all i could think of was” who’s doing this to me , how did everyone know about this.. “


“Hey what’s Diana’s problem” a friend rushed and told me.


“What do you mean ?” I asked thinking to myself, “Please don’t let her to be the one who is telling everyone.”


“She’s the one who’s telling everyone about you for no damn reason . I tried to confront her but she hell pushed me out the way!” she screamed with anger.


The bell rung. I kept thinking that i was going to confront Diana for what she’s done or just ask her why but now and then I was filled with anger. Class finished and I instantly saw her walking. I knew she saw me because she looked at me with fear in her eyes the looked down and walked away.

“You really said all those things about me what the hell is wrong with you” I charged at Diana.

She really had the nerve to tell me “what do you mean?” but I basically had to calm down and think I wasn’t going to pick up a fight because what good does that do. So basically I told her why , why act all dumb if one day I was going to find out .

“What did you expect! You basically took someone important to me.” Diana

“If this is about him keep him I’m not going to be arguing for a guy so next time you got s*** to say, say it to my face right now just leave me the f*** alone and know if you ever need something don’t ever come crying to me because it’s already too late and know this I’m not going to hate you but the thing is I’m not going to be your friend know that because you basically lost all my trust so now get out of my face because you’re the last person I ever wanna see you .”

Couple days later I noticed her seeming alone, I was planning on talking to her but I just couldn’t forgive her for saying things about me so I just left it alone as so . Ever since then I haven’t really talked to her since .. I know things are better like this.


My mistake was trusting someone with many thing now I don’t have much secrets but at the same time I don’t have much friends either . I’ve learned that even though you think you might know someone very well , think again. You don’t know someone nor they don’t know you as much as you know yourself and as much as you know yourself , but I’m going to be honest I still make this mistake over and over . Some mistakes have to be done  over and over until someone understands not to let them happen again and the truth is my ‘close friend’ Diana well that wasn’t my close friends name I just didn’t want to say names.

The author's comments:

This piece means alot to me because its a mistakei still continue on making in my life and I know anyone whos reading this can probably relate .

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