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I love him

August 18, 2016
By hurryth3ninjasarecoming GOLD, London, Kentucky
hurryth3ninjasarecoming GOLD, London, Kentucky
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I do not love you as I did yesterday

Rubbing circles into my back we walked, the children across the street. We help teach a summer camp, but I have broken down.

He whispers encouraging words into my ears. 

I love him.

He makes me finish my food.

He puts his arm around me and holds me as the kids watch a movie, while I choke back sobs. 

"It's only two weeks, and you can text anytime. You text me if anything goes wrong, I'll be there."

"It feels like eternity and what if I don't have the strength, or my phone?"

"Ssshh, don't talk like that"

I love him. He helps me clean up.

He helps me into a new shirt after a child spilled something on me. 

He holds my baby brother as he cries, because we are emotionally drained. 

Before we go, he holds me, and I place my head in the crook of his neck. "I love you" I whisper, between sobs. 

"I love you too" he says, his voice cracking. 

He caresses my hair and helps me with my bags. He walks me and my brother out and he stand on the side walk. 

"Is he coming to get you? If he is, he'll have to go thru me."

"No, he isn't, I'll text you when I'm safe". 

He envelopes me in one last hug as I go. 

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