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The Unexpected Accident

April 22, 2008
By Anonymous

The Unexpected Accident

One of the scariest moments for me was the night when I got in an accident. I was driving with my friend on the way home after a trip to Wal-Mart and it was completely unexpected.

My friend and I began the night by going out to eat and after that we did not have anything to do, so we went to Wal-Mart. As we were leaving the parking lot, we encountered a stop sign and that was where the collision happened.

As we approached the sign, we stopped but I did not see the green truck coming from the left, which was pulling out of the gas station. So all of a sudden, we felt the crash and heard the “boom”. We had hit the back tire of the truck. My friend and I looked at each other, shocked; neither of us knew what to do.

After we realized what had just happened, the truck we hit started to drive over to the parking lot so we followed. We parked next to the truck and got out of the car. To make the situation worse, it started raining, so we were soaked. Right when we started walking over to the man, he started cussing us out and saying things like “What were you thinking?” and “Did you not see me right there?” I felt so bad when he was yelling at me and I did not know what to say to him; I felt like crying.

Another problem was that I was not allowed to have a friend with me in the car because my parents said I just got my license not too long ago. My friend called his parents to come get him and after that I called mine so they would not know.

When my parents got there, my friend had already left. They talked to the man and took down each other’s information. The only thing wrong with his car was that air was leaking out of his tire, but my whole front bumper was about to fall off. It turned out that the man I hit was an ex-cop, which was a little surprising. His father also owned a car repair shop, which he suggested us to go there to get my car fixed.

When I got home, I was expecting to be yelled at or even get my car taken away. But it was the exact opposite. My parents just talked to me calmly and said that were so glad I was okay and that it was not a big accident. They told me to be more careful next time and this was something to learn from. This experience has helped me realize that they are right and I will be more cautious next time, especially with others in my car.

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Melissa Lee

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