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Eggs from Heaven

June 15, 2016
By desthebest BRONZE, Sacramento, California
desthebest BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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When you’re in the 5th grade, you tend to look up to the 8th graders. You know hanging out with them means your age doesn’t matter and you’re still the s***. Me? I had somewhat of advantage from living so close to the school. Also I’ve been going to Roosevelt since I was in the 2nd grade so people knew me. At recess I always sat on the playground in the shade. One day when I sitting in the shade, these two 8th graders, Emily and Reyna came up to me.

“Hey Destiny.” Emily says whiling smiling at me.
“Hey.” I awkwardly say.
“We want to show you something.” Reyna says, sounding impatient.

Emily gives her a funny look then says “We really want you to hang out with us, so will you?”


They wait for me to get up and we walk off the playground. I’m wondering what they are going to show me. It’s probably a dead cat or something. The more steps I took, the more my mind went crazy. We walked towards the restroom which is close to where all the kids line up at the bell. Emily runs a little bit to a door in between the girl’s restroom and the water fountain. She opens it and tells me to hurry with her hands. While I walk toward Emily, Reyna is looking around like she is looking for someone. When I get close to the door I see a black ladder attached to the wall. Emily goes up first.

“Where are we going?” I asked confusingly.

No time for questions. Start going up” Reyna says.

I start to climb and Reyna Is behind me. As I put my hand on the cold mental, I’m wondering what’s up there. There’s only one way to find out. So I start climbing faster. Emily is already at the top pushing a little door up. By the time she opens it, I’m right behind her. She goes up, then helps me up. Reyna comes up shortly after. Holy s*** . We’re on the roof.

“Why are we up here?” I say trying not to freak out but my voice gives it away.

“Because we are untouchable up here! Can’t no one f*** with us.” A similar voice says behind me.

I turn around and see Justina and her brother Christen with cartoons of eggs in their hands.

“Why do you have hella eggs?” Trying to sound cool.

“I’ll show you” Christen says with a wide smile on his face.

He walks towards the edge of the roof. You can see everyone. He looks at this boy playing basketball and raises his eyebrow.

“Found my target.”

With no hesitation he full on launches the egg. It hits the boy right on his head. The boy drops the basketball and starts to yell.

“What the hell! Who threw this!”

We all ducked and started laughing. Christen hands me some eggs.

“Hit Mrs.Weeden!” Justina yells.

I look for her. She’s near the girl’s restroom. I threw it and it hits her back. She looks around and I duck super fast. My heart bests fast and my hands start to feel weird.

“Feels good huh?” Emily asks.

“Yes. A lot.” I lied.

“Alright. Everyone in position!” Justina whispers.

We all line up and throw egg after egg. We hit a bunch of students and teachers.

“S***!” Christen yells.

“They seen us! Run!” Justina says.

I run as if I’m going to die if I stop. I look over and see the principal is behind us with 2 other teachers. I’m thinking this is the end for me.

“Come on Des! Jump.” Emily says while she jumps down on the other building.

“This isn’t real.” I whisper to myself.

I Jump and run. Reyna already got caught. I’m losing breathe. I can’t do it anymore. I stop running. Then the other stop too.

“Y’all are in so much trouble.” The principle yells, looking super red.

Walking to the office, I thought about a lot. I’m getting kicked out. That thought stayed in my mind. They called me in and my heart started to beat out of my chest. I walk into the principal’s office and I sit down.
“I’m extremely disappointed in your actions today. I’ve talked to others and they explained that they drag you apart. Therefore you will not have a suspension but however you will have clean to for 1 week. Thank you now return to your class.”

I walked out and was so happy! I didn’t have to say a word nor did I get in trouble. Still to this day I have no idea what happen to the others. I learn a lot on this day. I learned to not try to change myself for other beings. I won’t do something out of my comfort zone.


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