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Why Blog?

March 5, 2016
By Hannah.Ibarra BRONZE, Quezon City, Arkansas
Hannah.Ibarra BRONZE, Quezon City, Arkansas
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I started to blog way back when I was in grade seven. It all started when I saw my seatmate’s Facebook account wherein she shares her blog posts as Tumblr as her platform. I got curious what is Tumblr, and how does it work; so I created my first Tumblr account with the username “hannahibarra.” Yes, the one I am using right now. I’m so happy that after six years, I got my username back. I do not know why, but, maybe Tumblr closed inactive accounts.


I started from Tumblr as “unfamiliar-user” because I do not even know how does html works, but, through time, I was able to adjust on how to use my blogging platform.

“Blogging is writing about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a blog.”


Perhaps for others, blogging is just posting what we want, sharing the things we love, and narrating how our days went through. But being a blogger with a vision is a different thing. Blogging could help us being an advocate for a change—- to speak up as an inspiration. Blogging will be a perfect tool to be an inspiration to others to overcome the inevitable changes happening in our lives, especially during these teenage years.


I can personally say that through blogging, I was able to find what makes me happy and interested— from writing to pictures; and what are the things I like doing. Blogging might be a waste of time, and effort for others, but, never neglect any chance to blog because it will help you to grow not just as a writer, but as a person too.

Here are the best reasons why I continue trying to blog:


1. Think Better. Write Better

When you try to blog, you will be able to process, filter, and think better about how your days or your life went through. You will able to jot down the things that highlighted your week. As a result, you will be trained to write better. Blogging will be a training ground for you because you will learn how to basically write, and in time, your writing capacity/intelligence will be better because you are now used in writing.


Blogging would not teach you how to write perfectly— it will happen if you just do it. As the time passes by, you will know what the formal techniques in writing are, and how could you convey to your readers all the stuff you want to point out through your posts.


You will able to “not-jut-writing-what-is-mundane,” but, you will also learn the best things to write; not just to satisfy you, but to make your readers more knowledgeable after they read your write-ups.

2. You will appreciate the good things in life.

As a writer, you will appreciate all the good things life has to offer because you are writing what are the best things that happened to you, as well as the great things you should look forward to. It serves as your online journal wherein you document your life, and the events, and things that interest you. It will lead you to healthier life habits because you will learn to devote your time, effort, and passion. Even though you are busy overcoming all the frustrations you have, there will always be a room for writing— observing how life was complicatedly beautiful.

3. You will be able to meet new people.

Yes, blogging is an online thing, but, it never closed its doors to allow you to meet and be friends with other people. This will help you to be excited meeting speakers from different writing and blogging forums because you are already familiar in meeting your favorite writers.


Just how I remember, way back when I was in high school, I always write things about the person I love my crush. And then I found a person like me, but, at that time, he was already in college. His username was InhinyerongManunulat. Hey! If you found this, please message me! Haha! I’ve been looking for you for a loooong time. He was my “Kuya” at that time because he was giving me a lot of advice about my fangirling in my crush, and taking entrance exams and wishing me luck as I enter my current university.


Here on Tumblr, there is this “Tumblr meet-ups” wherein bloggers are meeting in a particular place, hang out together, and get to know each other. As a result, they were able to be friends not just online, but also in real-life. So, who says blogging is not fun?

4. It is totally free!


Since blogging is free, do not regret the chance of writing! Though you need an internet connection and a device, you do not need to pay monthly about hosting a site, or buying a blog theme to use because there are a lot of free blogging platforms out there. You just have to explore and discover what platform suits your interest as a blogger.         


There are a lot of options what type of blog you want to have. There could be a lifestyle blog, a personal blog, a photo blog, a vintage blog, a literary blog, or even a blog about life.


Just like my blog, I document my life so I can always remember how awesome my life is— that no matter how life will challenge me, I will always have this room for appreciation. And as another reason, I can inspire others to be happy, and look  things with great possibility.


5. You will be more comfortable being an inspiration.


Blogging will let you be who you are as you share some pieces of your life. You will never get ashamed of sharing how blessed you are in this world because you, yourself, have this passion in writing the great things about you, and how the things work in your life lately.


Just always remember that blogging or writing must not be intentionally done to earn money because you should blog because you appreciate life, and you want to share it with other people. You do not need to please your readers just to be famous. You write because you want, and you love to. 

The author's comments:

Hannah- an eighteen year old radical spirit; Enthusiast in history, literature, news, eating, going on an adventure, and all other things where creativity is up-to.

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