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Am I Barbie Now?

June 26, 2015
By VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
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" I will never be what you want from me "

So youve seen it in the news lately. How Barbie could never survive in the real world , how her dimensions would be way off realistic standards and how nothing would make sense. Well even though that true the world still has Barbie standards of beauty. I grew up playing with barbies. I dressed them and put on runway shows and i wished i had their clothes but i never wished i looked like one. I would get picked on at school for being the chubby one but my family loved me and i was content in that. But than I moved into middle school. The bullying got worse. Suddenly I wasnt just the one with the baby fat I was the one who over ate, I  was the fat monster. I was the one no one wanted to be around , I was the one who wouldve ate lunch alone if we hadnt had to eat with our classess.I was the one whose lunches got thrown in the trash by the school bullies and things only got worse as the years went on. I kept playing with those barbies but i started to look at them and wonder if i could be like them The Tallahasse trip in 7th grade me and my best friend Colleen walked past the Victorias Secret and the school bully screams " Youll never fit in that Vicky" and I knew it was true. I tried not to let it get to me, i just let it slide on. But by the next March it had taken its tole. I had but away the barbiesfor the mostpart and started posting pictures of supermodels all over my walls. I had had enough with the middle school bullies. I stopped eating. I started working out 6 hours a day , i stoppd sleeping so i could work out more. I abandonded my friends and terrifed my family and i did get thinner. I got alot thinner. I got down to 97 pounds but every day i would look at myself and say do i look like barbie now ? I'd dress nice ,I'd wear make up , I kept losing weight but see none of it was ever enough. And i had to reach deaths peak in order to see that. The truth is none of s will ever be Barbie. Take my word for it.. dont travel down thi path.

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