April 24, 2015
By 5denniston SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
5denniston SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The rich scent of coconut oil fills the air. The waves swallow the pier, leaving the dock covered in sticky, gooey green. Boats, jet skis, beautiful homes, the smokey smell of backyard barbeques and hot humid sun mean it’s summer on Okauchee Lake, Waukesha Country’s finest treasure.

Not only did I have the most adventurous summers of my life there, but this lake also brought me to my best friends.

It was the summer of my freshman year, and the first time I was invited to a friend’s lake house. It took one visit and I was forever hooked, like my mom with her morning coffee. From sunrise to sunset, my friends and I fight our way out of the skinny channel, trying to escape the mass of gooey green, finding the perfect spot to anchor and dive in.

After hours of exercise and play, we had the difficult choice of where to refuel our starving bodies.  The waterside grills had many options including my two favorites, Foolyer’s and Spit Fire complete the awesomeness of this exhilarating summertime gem.

To add to the appeal of this midwestern vacation town is the fact that the community is more like a family.  All the neighbors know who you are and are overwhelmingly hospitable and love to have fun. This place is one where I never feel alone and a place where summer dreams come true.

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