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Friends and Passion

June 12, 2014
By AlwaysInBeastMode GOLD, Suitland, Maryland
AlwaysInBeastMode GOLD, Suitland, Maryland
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Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.

Mya What you doing? Oh nothing I'm writing this book called "The Truth Unfolds" for Teenink. Teenink? I said it's a website where teens express themselves through art and writing. So one day my friend got kicked out of JROTC class because she had on sneakers and not baits and my Algebra 1 class was going into the computer room. I was writing this book called "The Man That Is Torn Into Pieces" Be on the look out for that book. :) But any who I was going to do the book based off of the movie Beastly and My friend was like why would you want to do a book based off the movie when it's the book going to be similar to the movie. -I WAS GETTING MAD THAT I WANTED TO BACK HAND HER- Then she started bragging about her book. So I told her YOU MY FRIEND BUT IT SEEMS LIKE YOU TRYING TO OUT DO ME ON TEENINK BUT GUESS WHAT? ON TEENINK ITS NOT ABOUT SOMEONE TRYING TO OUT DO SOMEONE ELSE ITS ABOUT EXPRESSING YOURSELF AND YOUR FEELING THROUGH WRITING OR ART. SO I MEAN YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND TRY TO OUT DO ME BUT JUST KNOW I WRITE BECAUSE ITS A PASSION I DON'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE COMMENTS LIKE YOURS BECAUSE THATS WHAT GET ME MOTIVATED. She got mad and guess what? I DON'T CARE BECAUSE WHEN I TOLD MY TEACHER ABOUT MY BOOK SHE WAS VERY PROUD BECAUSE I WASN'T ALWAYS THAT TYPE OF GOOD STUDENT AND HONOR STUDENT SO SHE WAS SHOCK. MY FRIEND FACE FROWN UP AND LOOKED LIKE SHE WANTED TO SNATCH ME UP. BUT GUESS WHAT? I don't care because on Teenink I don't care about trying to out do someone else. On teenink everyone want to express their talent. We all are the same. We trying to get other people to know our story or understand us. It doesn't matter about trying to out do someone it's about learning, getting inspired, and then make the people remember you, remember your talent, and remember you art/drawing/book/article. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU GET VOTED TOP OR GET YOUR STORY IN THE MAGAZINE BECAUSE GUESS WHAT? IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR BOOK/ART/ARTICLE IN THE MAGAZINE THEN STEP UP YOUR GAME IF YOU WANT YOUR ART/ARTICLE/BOOK IN THE MAGAZINE THEN WORK FOR IT YOU HAVE TO BE DETERMINE. Friends suppose to support you. But not mines. The only one that supports me is MY BEST FRIEND TEHYA AND I SUPPORT HER. When I told her I put her name in my author comment. " I WILL NOT CHANGE FOR NOBODY". Her reaction was really? We hugged for a brick and I'M GOING TO MISS HER AND I KNOW I WILL NOT FIND A FRIEND SO CARING, FUNNY, TURNED UP, GOOFY, A LITTLE BUT SLOW HAHAH, AND SUPPORTIVE FRIEND. We talk about everything me and her can relate to things. I cut my friend off because I felt as though she was in too much drama and we couldn't have a fun conversation and also she had either talk about her boyfriend, a boy, a fight, or girls. I don't want to hear that. So I cut her off and I knew she would talk S**T BUT I MEAN I DON'T CARE BECAUSE SHE THE ONE WHO MAD AND NOT ME I'M TURNED UP. But my passion is to write it always been my passion when I first started reading I knew what I wanted my career to be. I write when I get mad but not only when I'm mad when I'm happy too or when something happens. I would always write but I wouldn't be writing if it weren't for my sister. My friend TEHYA IS LIKE MY SISTER BECAUSE WHEN I NEEDED A SHOULDER TO CRY ON SHE WAS THERE AND WHEN SHE NEEDED A SHOULDER TO CRY ON I WAS THERE. When Teyha was going through her issues who was there to hold her up? ME. ME.ME. Not our other friend JUST ME. She keeps me motivated and if something was to happen I wouldn't know what I'll do. I have dreams about us going on vacation. She told me about he boyfriend and I told her about mines. :) THATS MY RIDER. AND SHE WILL ALWAYS BE MY RIDER AND MY BEST FRIEND NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. I made me a oovoo and guess whats next? KIK :) Me and my other friend still cool I just don't trust her or tell her nothing. FRIENDS AND PASSION IS ALL I CARE ABOUT. IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS THAT SUPPORT YOU, MOTIVATE YOU, AND PUT UP WITH YOUR MESS THEN THATS A GOOD FRIEND. BUT IF YOUR FRIEND HAVE TO SAY A SMART COMMENT EVERY TIME SHE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING GOOD CUT THEM OFF BECAUSE I PROMISE YOU, YOU WON'T NEED THEM. YOU DON'T NEED NO FRIENDS THAT ARE A BAD INFLUENCE ON YOU. WHATS YOUR PURPOSE OF TRYING TO OUT DO ME? ARE YOU THREATEN BY ME? DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE ME? WHAT IS IT BECAUSE I DON'T UNDERSTAND. TEENINK ISN'T ABOUT OUT DOING SOMEONE IT IS ABOUT EXPRESSING YOURSELF. :) I HAVE PASSION AND MY PASSION KEEP ME MOTIVATED WITHOUT MY PASSION FOR WRITING WHAT WILL I DO? FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. PASSION. PASSION. PASSION. 2 MAIN THINGS PASSION AND FRIENDS :)

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