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Drama Queens

June 12, 2014
By Cheljha__ BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Cheljha__ BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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How can people be great one moment and then the next hate each other’s guts?

Crazy things like this happen daily, in most occasions its happens when we are in are early teenage years. I have so much experiences that I can recall, but there is one that I won’t be able to forget that was in middle school. It was in my 8th grade teacher’s class Mr. Jones 5th period class. Honestly I can’t remember why I was in his class. When I walked in the class was so quiet, you could hear the crickets and the wind that were lying past the window.

“Hi Cheljha.” He whispered

“Hi Sir” I responded enthusiastically
He shushed me for the reason that his class was being really quiet and attentive to their work.
Honestly I didn’t even want to interrupt their class, but the students felt the necessity to Act up when people walk in the class. Out of nowhere these two girls began to argue. Which quiet honestly we all believe that they were playing around since they always said and did things like what they did.

They said things like “Your stupid” “Your hella ugly” “Why don’t you do something with your life?”

Mr. Jones said patiently “Sit down and continue doing your work, please stop the arguing.”
We thought they were done with all the arguing, since they stopped for a while, but they started arguing 20 minutes before the bell rung. In the mist of arguing and bickering they began to fight. I mean fist fight. It was hard for Mr. Jones to do anything but thankfully a school monitor was just outside the classroom. Man Ill never forget that moment in MY 8th grade class.

With this experience and many more I will not be able to answer my own question “How can people be great one moment and then the next hate each other’s guts?”. The only thing these experiences do is make more questions of this question. If anyone can answer this question they should let me know. But until I know for myself the answer to my question it will forever haunt me

The author's comments:
A memory that I will never forget, that has made me reflect and grow.

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