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March 24, 2013
By Forever. SILVER, Austin, Texas
Forever. SILVER, Austin, Texas
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" Those who mind don't matter and those who don't mind, matter"- Dr.Seuss

i could, but i don't, not when you can see the pain of betrayal through my eyes. Not even when my eyes begin to water and sting from so much they have seen. I wish i could smile and laugh, but maybe just maybe i can't. After all what's a weak smile that pulls up the corners of my mouth going to cost me? Might as well laugh through it, i don't want to grow old and remember where i cried like a baby or complained like a forty year old. I will after all smile,be brave like the hero's in the past. Walking by the one's who had thought they hurt me and won.Feel the strength of life course through my veins and live happy till i die with acceptance of it. I want to have that special moment all to myself where i can even have a grin through the fear and foolish of it all. Laugh so hard that maybe i will have tears coming from the corner of my eyes. Yes, that moment to have everything glowing in grace, i will after all smile :)

The author's comments:
I wrote this small piece when i was feeling down one day. It so happened to cross my mind that small things make a big difference in our lives. Either its going for walk, smiling, laughing etc. Its something that small that changes everything.

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