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What a Week at Camp Can Do

January 17, 2013
By klegault SILVER, St. Thomas, Other
klegault SILVER, St. Thomas, Other
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“Do I really have to go to camp, Grandma?” “What? You don’t want to go? We’ve already
packed and you’ve been looking forward to going for a week at camp all summer. You’re
I was having second thoughts about going to camp. I was afraid that I would end up
being teased or not accepted, socially, as usual. “You’ll have fun! Camp is good for you!” My
Grandma said, as we had driven into the driveway of the camp.
“Don’t worry!” “I am worrying!” I said with a bit of an attitude.
We got out of the car, and I grabbed my bags, and sleeping bag, and we headed to the registration table. “Hi Kristin, It’s nice to see you again.” Joe said to me. “You’re in Cabin B7 this week.” “Okay.” Grandma and Grandpa followed me to my cabin, Grandpa carrying my sleeping bag for me, as I showed them where Cabin B was located.
As we approached the door of my cabin number, there I saw Meghan, and Judy. They
were in my cabin last year, and we didn’t exactly see eye to eye, and of course Sarah, she had
been in Smile’s cabin the same week we were at camp last year. I didn’t really know her, but I
had met her. There was also Lilly; I’ve never met her before until this point. “This is Kristin,
everyone” Kaboddle and L-Mo said to everyone in my cabin “Yeah, we know, she was in our
cabin last year.” Meghan and Judy said.
As I was putting my stuff away, and making my bed, Kaboodle said “You can make your name tag later. Okay?” I nodded to her, and then sat down on the floor of our cabin beside Meghan. They were playing a game. “How about we play the name game?” L-Mo suggested to everyone.
I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to expect. Would we get along?
Or would we not get along? Would I be accepted, socially, for who I am? Or would I only be accepted, socially, if I was someone else? I always had this problem… worrying about what people think of me and just being me, but a thought lingered in my mind.
I am who I am. God created me to be me. I’m special… and so what if no one else likes me for whom I am because God loves me for who I am.
At school, I’d had pretended to be someone else. I was afraid to be me. My fear had taken over and I had held back from so many different opportunities, from meeting new people, to trying new things.
I wasn’t going to hold back this week! I was going to be myself.
And so I was, my week at camp was absolutely phenomenal because I was myself.
I didn’t hide or pretend to be someone else. I’d taken the risk of being myself… and it all turned
out okay… well actually even better than okay. I’d had actually really connected with everyone.
I’d gotten out of my shell for once, and I’ve tried new things. I felt great, like nothing was ever going to stop me from being myself! I was confident and grateful that God made me the way I am.

The author's comments:
This is a story I wrote a few years ago.

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