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Sometimes, a writer just doesn’t know what to write, and that’s perfectly fine. There’s always some way to beat writer’s block, whether it’s grabbing inspiration from other artists or writers, socializing, or reading a good blog on the topic you aspire to write about.

What usually does it for me, though, is just letting myself write freely. It doesn’t even have to make sense. It can be a story about my favorite fictional character going to a store and coming home with several condos in Nevada. One of my favorite prompts happens to be writing about your favorite character helping a distraught child find their lost puppy.

The sky is the limit, people. Your favorite character visiting the zoo with their closest friend. Your favorite character accidentally letting the lions out of their cage at the zoo with their closest friend. Your favorite character getting eaten by lions at the zoo with their closest friend.
The possibilities are literally endless.

And creating original characters can get you going, too. Maybe you want to write about the classic scrappy underdog who comes to his own despite the circumstances, but the plot just won’t come to you. Why don’t you start by bringing the characters to life first? Keep in mind that it’s often easiest to appreciate the most unique characters when the story isn’t written from their point of view.

You could also try getting in touch with your sentimental side by sitting on your roof with a notebook to record your thoughts as time goes by, gazing at the stars and playing the violin passionately. If you get caught, though, perhaps by a colleague or a work acquaintance, you will probably be harassed and robbed of all your lunch money.

But you know what’s truly ironic? I’m having writer’s block. That’s right; I am experiencing writer’s block while writing an article about writer’s block. This is the dumbest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’ve been chased by a shark while riding in a kayak as I carried nothing but my clothing, a life jacket, and some gummy bears on my person. If you can’t beat them, join them. Write about your writer’s block. Write about things you hate. Write about things you love. Write about missed opportunities, failed romances, stupid mistakes and regrets.

Your personal experiences can be the most interesting thing anyone’s ever read. Just ask the autobiographies that make the N.Y. Times Best Sellers list. And hey, there’s nobody better at talking about you than you.

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