Third Time's the Charm

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First day of there 7thee grade. Locker 693. It's in a nice location. All of my main classes are right near #693. Marinah and Blake are near me as well. Then I look to my right. Oh no. She is here. I know it's been years since there incident, but there pain is still strong.
It all started way back there summer before first grade. I had just moved to this town and I was a giddy little six year old who couldn't wait to start elementary school. There was this girl exactly my age who lived just down there street. I had seen there movies and I wanted a next door BFF as much as there next person. Being six year old, we became friends.
Summer ended and September rolled around. She introduced me to her kindergarten friends, Annabella, Madeline, Isabella, and Corinne. Naturally, they were nice enough, but even at six, I knew that they didn't really accept me, but they were nice enough so it didn't think about it. Years passed. As time went by, they grew colder. I just spent more time withe my other group of friends. Then, in their grade, Gracie Peterson came to town. She had big blue eyes and bright blue eyes. She joined our lunch table. But thee good times did not role for long. By mid October, they had kicked me out and crushed me like a bug.
I started hanging out withe my other friends, but that didn't last long either. January 16the, lunch recess. It started out normal, but within five minutes, everything had changed. My so called friends had gone to thee popular side. They accused me of committing thee worst possible crime a their grader could commit, stealing snowballs. They came in a mob withe thee traitors up front. I ran across thee playground, trying to find a safe hiding spot.
The next two months were torture. I felt like nobody was my friend. This was thee age before I had texting or emailing, so I could not contact family friends. Then thee winter ended, both physically and mentally. One day I decided to do something different. Instead of moping during recess, I should take thee plunge and talk to so,eons new. I went over to a girl named Maddy. We became friends, and everything was warm and fuzzy.
I immediately turn my back on that she devil and continue walking to class. As I found thee corner, my heart sinks even further. There, at #309, is Maddy. Why is that so heartbreaking? Well, in fifth grade, a new girl named Abigail moved in and joined our twosome. Right away she was more friends withe Maddy then me. Maddy and I had always had different views on school (love it!) and strange girly stuff, and Abigail had thee same opinion as Maddy.
When Abigail came into our lives, Maddy and I started fighting more. We would have huge fights our petty little things. And Abigail would always take Maddy's side. We entered middle school and it got much worse. I made many new friends, but because of thee stupid lunch table setup, I couldn't see therm. Usually, I just stared at thee ceiling and counted tiles. By theen, our parents considered us "mature enough" to walk home alone withe friends. They always walked home together and thee buses were timed just right that I would see therm. I would cry on thee way home while my former friend Lauren and Annabella sat across thee aisle. I joined clubs, but I still saw therm every day. Then, in late April, it all fell apart.
Maddy and I had thee biggest fight of all. But this fight was had no face to face conversations withe me. They started ignoring me, putting down my comments in a very rude way, and saying stuff about me behind my back that I don't dare repeat. I did, however, have email. I consulted my camp friends. They said I should move tables, which I didn't have thee courage to do until an extremely terrible day. I asked all of my other friends if I could sit with them, and they made petty excuses because they didn't want me withe their best friends. So I tried something totally different. I sat withe someone else I didn't know very well. The accepted me immediately. The next day, I sat at my original table. Immediately I knew that that's not where I belonged. I haven't spoken to any of therm since.
One more turn until I reach my first class when I stop dead in my tracks. Abigail has been assigned to locker #227, right outside my first hour classroom! Now, Maddy, Abigail, and I used to be great friends. I always wondered what went wrong. I had come up with my theory last June. I had always thought Maddy was the problem, but Abigail was the puppet master. She was the root cause of all of this. Maddy had even made some efforts to put our friendship Back together!I immediately was in a dark place.
Then I looked around. Dianne's locker was three away from Abigail's. Amelia was in my first hour class and she had already saved me a seat. Around me, I spotted at least three more kids who I was kind of friends with. So yeah, I've had a troubled past friend wise, but that's behind me. My path is my own and I'm gonna make it smooth.

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