Reality Hits You

All this violence and crime is a digust. We are all imperfect and came from the dust, but thus, we want to find happiness and peace, meanwhile on every corner there needs a police. Love is not supposed to hurt or destroy, not when a man beats his wife in front of their boy. We fail to realize that the youth look at the old, teach them wisdom and truth that they may uphold, the gifts we all need are understanding and knowledge. Let's stop hearing about high school drop outs and push for College. Young teenage boys doing bad instead of good, sagging their pants ten at night in the hood. You could do better I know you can, think before you act and be a man, because we all need brave role models to lead us in the right way before we wake up and realize it's judgement day. Same for my females, have respect for yourselves cause if you don't, then no one will.

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