The Cit of Angels

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Before my family and I moved to Oregon, we lived in the city of angels-Los Angeles! I had many friends and family members there. We had lived there previously for fourteen years and lived in the same house for seven years. To me, Los Angeles is the best place to be. You never know what to expect from Los Angeles, even if you’ve been living there your entire life. It’s pretty exciting, if you ask me.

In California, i attended a high school that was really big but only about a thousand students went there. We had four different buildings and two of them had three floors. Our band room was always busy and loud! But the best thing was the food truck parked in the courtyard; which was huge! I really liked our school colors which were navy blue and gold; just like Notre Dame. Our mascot was the Braves and we got our mascot from the baseball team. After school, I had football practice and we would train for long periods of time but the hard work would pay off. My favorite game we played was against a team called La Habra our freshmen year. As we stepped on their field we could hear their fans yelling things at us, such as, “Get out of here!” or “Go back to where you came from!” I was just trying to get them out of my head and so I concentrated on the game. I always pray before a game, sort of like a pre-game ritual. It was a really hectic game and we only had 2 fans in our stands. I really like their field though because it had their school initials, LH, in fluorescent white letters straight smack in the middle. But at the end of the game, we ended up destroying them sixty-five to seven. Talk is cheap,

In the heart of Los Angeles, there are many places to visit, go shopping, or to get something to eat. Downtown is such an exciting place to be; the environment gives you a sense of pride. The streets of Los Angeles are always busy-whether it is people rushing to work, the smell of vendors’ food, or even the sight of the gigantic buildings in Downtown. The people in California are so friendly, and it feels like they treated you like you are one in a million.

One thing that pushes my buttons is when people talk about how dirty the streets of Los Angeles are. It might be true in some cases, but they don’t know what it felt like growing up in Los Angeles. Even though some places were not as nice as others, it felt like the streets belonged to you. No matter how dangerous people thought Los Angeles was, it felt as if you were the king and the streets were your kingdom. Nobody could take that away from you, and most people don’t understand that! California is a great place to create memories, make friends, and simply just to have fun. So go to your calendar, scratch out your plans for the weekend, and head on over to California instead! You’ll regret it if you don’t.

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