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September 19, 2012
By Therese GOLD, Thayer, Missouri
Therese GOLD, Thayer, Missouri
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"I cry a tear in the ocean. The day you find it will be the day i stop missing you."

Your lullaby keeps me happy, keeps me full of hope, that just maybe the world is not all bad. We are not perfect, but I see you with all your scares and burdens, and you see mine. You know how to treat me, even when it clear I just wanted to be friends. You were still there to show me hope, to show how one day your friendship would be the best I ever had. No one has ever known how to make me feel as you do, that I am safe, and nothing could ever over power me. It’s not how you act it’s what you say about me. You see the way I love with compassion and hope, but you also see my fear. You see right through me and that leaves me uneasy; I never like to be known. What people know is what I want them to know, I never give too much away, and you see right through me. You haven’t even known me for more than a few weeks. You are my lullaby, my way to find hope and clarity in myself and in others.

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