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July 18, 2012
By JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
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No matter where you run I'll be right there, right behind you, in your nightmares - Eminem <3

I've always wanted to be a story writer. Well in more sophisticated terms, an author. I would sit in a chair and think of millions of story ideas. Such as my story idea of a man named Alec who was dying of CJD, a rare but deadly disease. I did a lot of research on the disease and was ready to write the story. The point of the story was to focus on his wife and to show the strength that lays behind an innocent woman with a sick husband. I started the story... It has three pages. Then I quit. That's why I can't be an author. I'm always too anxious to say the end that I can't continue the story. In movies there has been times when I watch the first 20 minutes then simply fast forward to the end. I don't have much patience. It's quite a curse at times. I also used to want to be a chef. That career path was ruined by my loss of interest. In my head I used to blame my mother for not buying things that I could make a meal with, like spices and certain ingredients necessary for an excellent dish. But I think if you're truly a chef, you make an excellent dish no matter the circumstances or limitations. So I crossed that one off the list. Then I wanted to be an adoption counselor. It's still an option... Not too many people in my family agree with that decision cause I wouldn't make much money. But honestly I think that if you truly want to be something, the pay shouldn't matter. It should only matter that you're doing something you love. Anyways my other current option was recently terminated.. I wanted to be a firefighter.. But then I found out that you have to learn about health and the human body in order to do that so I crossed that one of my list pretty quickly. I guess what I really have ever wanted to be was someone who is remembered. Someone who has books written about them because of their courage, strength and bravery. Kind of like a hero. All I really want is for everyone to know that I was here. I stepped in the sands of time and left my mark. To many of us die and are quickly forgotten. I don't want to be forgotten, I want to be remembered.

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