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Innocence's Death Chamber

March 25, 2012
By Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
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The sun blazing down on my back, the smell of the clean lake, and what's that..... the ground eating my feet.

I could feel the fine grains of sand swarming up and around my feet and digesting them while starting toward my legs. But I just smiled, watching myself being swallowed whole, as the quicksand tickled my feet.

It was up to my knees now, so I was just starting to have trouble bending them. I looked back at my sleeping parents, sprawled lazily on the sand, watching them become more level to my eyes.

I looked back at myself and noticed it was up to my hips now, so it looked like my body was sliced in half. I appeared as if the sand was as sharp as a razor blade, slowly cutting me to pieces; only it didn't hurt.

Suddenly, my cousin sprinted over to me with a worried expression glued to his face. When I looked at him in question, it became apparent to him that I was oblivious to the danger I was in. His expression slackened a little bit in relief, but still remained frantic.

Although he was only 2 years older than me, he tried to pull me out of the death trap. Unfortunately, his 8 year old arms couldn't pull me out. He started shouting for help and got a bunch of my other cousins to come to us. My oldest cousin, Brian, calmly told everyone to stand back and to go get my parents.

By this time, my shoulders were almost submerged and I was still unaware of the danger I was in. As I looked up at Brian, he thrust his hands into the sand, hooked his arms around my arms, and slowly pulled me out of the quicksand.

My parents came running over just as Jake was setting me on the ground. If you looked up the word "relief" in a dictionary, you would find a picture of my parent's faces. As my parents picked me up, they started bawling and squeezing me tight!

About 5 minutes later they set me down on the ground far away from the quicksand. I looked up at their worn out eyes with confusion. I then asked, "Why are you guys crying?! That was SO COOL! I want to do it again!"

I don't know if it was because my parents were tired from this horrible event or the heat, but they suddenly burst out laughing and just told me, "Maybe when you are older!"

The author's comments:
This happened to me one summer and I thought that it showed how innocent I was back then! I wrote it as if the danger wasn't real to portray just how innocent we really can be when we are young.

Note: My cousin's name was changed to keep his privacy.

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on May. 5 2012 at 10:33 am
JoPepper PLATINUM, Annandale, Virginia
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Ha Ha Ha I thought that was kind of funny in a way at the end.  Great job at writing this, almost makes sinking in quicksand fun!