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Replay and Drift Away

March 23, 2012
By livingparadox GOLD, Dhaka, Other
livingparadox GOLD, Dhaka, Other
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It was one more day full of pain: a day that left me with nothing but a cluster of merciless memories. They were haunting me very faithfully, right there inside my bungled mind and were slowly diffusing its poison. They did see me trying hard not to recall their ashes and fighting endlessly to swallow back the discomfort inside. Then why were they doing it? Why the memoirs were reconstructing themselves over and over again? What amused them so much as to mess me up completely?
It was the human mind that really made me wonder at times. We, the human race, have entitled ourselves such as ‘The Best of All’ over times and nonetheless we become so miserable when it came to be reading another similar mystery. Of course, I’m talking about the mysterious human brain: a huge thing that conquers our heads which goes certainly worthless at times!
I kept on flipping myself on the bed and finally, rested over my stomach. My bewildered head offered me another chance to stare through the dilemmas it bore. I tried to concentrate on each and every single word you had said to me. I strained to make out what you actually meant. The gravity of overthinking obsessed me. At once, I could think of a reliable answer but the very next moment I wished with my heart it was not true. I could clearly feel my motionless heart was pounding as loud as bursting out which I’m sure you had paid attention to and my eyeballs were stuck at the letters of your words. I admit; it did hurt. I admit; I lied when I said “Yes, I am okay.” Yes, I admit that I am in love with you.
Why did you have to rely on those hasty words of mine? Did you not see how much fragmented, shattered and broken I was? Did you not realize that I die to know you love me? I bet you did. I knew you love me. You too, were going through the same pain I abided myself in, right? And you were doing it so that I was hurt no longer. You had been struggling hard so, that we did not have to end up being just two titans over a vast chessboard where each move was a new danger and confusion. You did not want us to be flotsam and jetsam of the great games that were being played by our lives, under the blessing of destiny.
I laid there in on my stomach, still, not a single move. A dawdling weariness overcame my body imbibing my soul away and leaving me too tired as to lift a finger. After a long crack, I could feel the hot flood leisurely making its way down to my cheeks. Each of the boiling drops was screaming my inner pain out!
The kitty-red alarm clock placed on the side table indicated that it was 4:38 AM. Did anyone know what that had to mean? I would be dealing with a new melancholic day! I pushed the pair of intruding-tool, my headphones, as I called it, into my ears deciding to be drifted away. I realized, my body was turning numb. As soon as my movements fainted, I could hear the piano notes which were slowly pushing themselves into my eardrums and leaving its heavenly traces for me.
Now, I personally could have a vision of the divine manifestation. He was sitting after a piano with the breathtaking smile which sucked all my pains away. A pair of azure eyes of his promised me of holding my dreams into them. They were waiting to see me! He detained a trustworthy soul whose reflection was clearly visible from the outside. He came closer, taking me by the hand with the assurances of setting the heaven free for me. We did not utter a single word. Conceivably, it was our exquisite emotions that did exchange the necessary conversation a countless of times! I was aware of the fact which stated he was an unknown, sacred stranger. Yet, his existence prepared me to have the most vivid sentiment ever! He had touched me with a vibrant sensation of his true love, breathing for me and only me. He indeed was the gift for me that my Lord had been protecting for so long and maybe, he still is. I stared into his eyes. Definitely, he did read the question that I imprisoned in my head. The aforementioned was a question which was inquiring about his existence; about who he was. So, he leaned even nearby and whispered, “Your angel.”
And then swiftly it faded out, returning me back to the real-world life. I checked my phone for the time-length of the song I had been delighted in to. How a simple music composed of a few instruments could embrace such powers and be able to glide people into their most colorful fantasy, letting them see the truth and speak to their depth? I ensured nothing but a merry marvel.
Was that not sufficient for me? What may well make anyone feel better further than knowing that he/she was blessed? They were being rained with the mercy of the one Lord and their only creator who they should not doubt upon? Yes, it was the most vivid encounter with the precious gift my Lord had kept for me. Let it be just for once, but I did feel His embrace. He had resurrected me once again and this time my Peer of the realm provided me with His divinity and strength to live. If anyone was meant for you then he will come for you. He sure will. It was the God’s good truth upon us. All that had come to pass to me was only a ruthless nightmare.
The replay button caught my eyes. I pressed it on, closed my eyes and anew I could sense that. I was breathing life. I was waking up. My eyes opened up to see the morning light. I am going to live another beautiful day full of smile!

The author's comments:
This piece is an extract from my journal. I cannot describe how I'd passed those days. It really was the God's mercy on me. I hope my article will inspire you to have faith in yourself and on Lord.

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